The next generation IT security tool finds the paths hackers would use to penetrate into your system


Increasing number of vulnerabilities of today's IT systems

Today, IT and software systems of an organization or company normally consist of a variety of hard- and software and services are often provided by a mixture of own and external hosts. Within these heterogeneous and complex structures it is challenging for system administrators and maintainers to keep track of the currentness of all systems. If, for any reason, this attempt fails it will lead to an increase of vulnerabilities in the systems in use, growing the potential risk to be targeted by hackers and intruders.


Track systems' currentness and potential vulnerabilities

To protect systems against hackers and intrusion attempts at any time, it is mandatory for system administrators to obtain an overview of the current system status and potential vulnerabilities. In the best case this task should be performed automatically by an easy-to-use and scalable analyzing software which makes available a comprehensive and clearly structured overview. In addition, it ideally suggests appropriate measures to eliminate shortcomings and vulnerabilities.


Continuous monitoring of systems' vulnerabilities

At this point gets involved. is a vulnerability scanner, penetration testing tool and OSINT scanner in one product. identifies all IP addresses and subdomains related to a domain and scans them for open ports. Port scanning results are matched against various sources for threat analysis and detection, including but not restricted to vulnerability bulletins of all important software vendors.

Key Features:

Overview of all external and internal vulnerabilities

Updates not installed, wrong system configurations and inadequately assigned user rights - in one word: misconfigurations - still are the main triggers to facilitate intrusion into IT systems. therefore assists administrators and maintainers by providing:

  • continuous monitoring of all systems and detection of vulnerabilities,
  • additional screening of deepweb and darknet publications for leaks,
  • recommendations and vendor links to overcome misconfigurations,
  • detailed reports and scorecards.

Additionally, using virtualization techniques, can be completely ported to any internal server to conduct system internal vulnerability detection.

Leak Monitoring:

Minimizing the risk of human deficiencies

Often individuals utilize the same email/password combination in different contextes, for example in their company and on a dating platform. This in mind, does not only screen your system, it also searches both deepweb and darknet for publications of login data like for example user names and email addresses including related passwords and password hints which might exist. reports matches of those findings with the email addresses of a domain, putting administrators and maintainers in the position to take measures against the misuse of those combinations.

Reports and scorecards:

Comprehensive online and printable presentation

Once has completed a security scan, the results are supplied in multiple formats. All detected vulnerabilities (including risk classification according to CVSS) can be

  • viewed and filtered online through the dashboard ,
  • exported in CSV format for further data aggregation,
  • exported and filtered in PDF format (PDF report),
  • exported and condensed in PDF format (PDF scorecard).

A scan gives you an overview of all vulnerabilities matches your external IP addresses with various sources for threat intelligence. For this we access DNS servers, evaluate IP addresses as well as subdomains and check the determined systems for open ports. For the query of IP addresses disposes of an extensive data base. This data base contains information to all assigned IP addresses worldwide (approx. 3.6 billions) and is being updated continuously. Our IT security check is a vulnerability scanner, penetration testing tool and OSINT scanner in one product.


Additional monitoring of leaks doesn’t only screen the internet, but also the deepweb and the darknet for publications of login data like for example user names and email addresses including their related passwords. Those will be captured in our data base and matched with the email addresses of the domain, because often this combination of email address and password is not changed, but also used outside the company‘s network, for example on a dating platform. Therefore the likelihood of someone’s penetration into a company’s network is very high with such a combination.


Detailed reporting

Our scan offers protection, monitoring and recommendations for action. After the security scan generates a report, which contains the following data:

  • All detected vulnerabilities (including risk classification according to CVSS)
  • Rating of the particular systems according to CVSS

Furthermore offers a priorisation of the recommendations of action as well as repeated security analyses to ensure the highest success in the shortest time frame possible.

The next generation IT security tool

To close security leaks, a company needs a tool, which checks its security status continously and maintains it. Our cyberscan shows the vulnerabilities in your company´s, your clients´ or your providers´ IT infrastructure. finds the paths, which hackers would use to penetrate into your system!

Insufficient updates, incorrect configuration and incorrect assignment of rights are still the classics to allow a penetration into external systems. Whereas those vulnerabilities are quite easy to fix, the so-called exploits (software, which takes advantage of vulnerabilities) are much more complicated to handle. The reason: They only become to be known gradually and not every computer has to be affected. This results in an considerable amount of time and costs to protect onself permanently. This includes:

  • Executing penetration tests on a regular basis
  • Permanent monitoring if new vulnerabilities were being reported
  • Verification if one is affected by it
  • Estimate, which damage potential this new vulnerability contains
  • Verification if there is already an update for this vulnerability
  • Procurement of the updates

This is where starts out. Our tool takes over and checks your security status continuously for

  • system configuration
  • incorrect assignement of rights
  • software vulnerabilities

This means that is, among others things, evaluating more than 150 000 linked exploits, 500 millions of password leaks and is monitoring more than 100 weblogs. Furthermore our verification system will be updated continously and promptly after an official announcement of a new vulnerability.

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